Video Poker

Diane took home $3001 playing her favorite All-star Poker machine.

Jackpot Winner - Dianne

Sherry was dealt four aces on a triple play machine and won $2400.

Jackpot Winner - Sherry

Henry won $4000 on a Game King video poker machine

Jackpot Winner - Henry

Carmelita was playing 50 cent video poker when she hit the jackpot for $2000.

Jackpot Winner - Carmelita

A triple play royal flush earned Theresa a $3000 jackpot.

Jackpot Winner - Theresa

Four 2's with the Ace kicker paid Gaylene $2000.

Jackpot Winner - Gaylene


Keith took home a $4200 jackpot playing nickel Keno.

Jackpot Winner - Keith

Rebeca won $1397 playing her lucky numbers on a 20 Card Keno machine.

Jackpot Winner - Rebecca

Stanley got the Five Dragons slot machine to pay him out a whopping $2987.

Jackpot Winner - Stanley

Bingo / Table Games

Sylvia hit  the Bingo Cashball jackpot winning $1666!

Jackpot Winner- Sylvia

Phylis won the Daub Bingo jackpot paying $5000.

Jackpot Winner - Phylis

Bobby is one of our lucky $1000 April Showers Drawing winners.

Drawing Winner - Bobby

Mario was one of our lucky April Showers $1000 winners.

Jackpot Winner - Mario