Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the place to go for world-class entertainment, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise to learn that a lot of great musicians have come out of Las Vegas.  In fact, the area has a long and proud history of producing great bands and singers.  Out of everyone who comes from Las Vegas, however, there are a few stand outs.  These are our top five favorite Las Vegas-born music acts:

Panic! at the Disco 

When this group debuted in 2005, they didn’t make much of an impression beyond Las Vegas and the West Coast.  With time, however, they have increased their popularity and are one of the most widely acclaimed bands still performing today.  They have released five studio albums since their initial “A Fever Your Can’t Sweat Out”, which has now gone on to sell millions of copies worldwide.

The Killers 

Critics loved the debut album from this group.  Their way of blending pop and hard rock is loved by audiences all around the world.  With songs such as “All These Things” becoming a staple at many radio stations, the band seems to collect fans wherever it goes.  Currently, the band is working on another studio album.


While he was actually born in Arkansas, the singer who would become Ne-Yo spent his formative years living with his single mother in Las Vegas. As a teenager at the Las Vegas Academy he joined the R&B group Envy who appeared at the Apollo Theater and MTV.  After the group disbanded several years ago, Ne-Yo started his solo hip-hop career.


Not a lot of people know that the lead singer of this group, Mark Slaughter, was born and raised in Las Vegas.  This hard rock band reached its peak in the early 1990s with their first album which included such hits as “Up All Night”, “Mad About You” and “Spend My Life”.  The band still tours regularly, and makes yearly appearances in Las Vegas.

Imagine Dragons

Quickly making a name for themselves with their debut release, Night Visions, that included breakout hits like “Radioactive” and “Demons,” Imagine Dragons have become the latest export from Las Vegas to reach critical acclaim.