Dear Linda,

I have played craps many times before. On a recent trip to the Eastside Cannery, I noticed an advertisement for the FireBet. Can you explain what the FireBet is and how it works?

- Patrick, San Mateo

Hi Patrick, the FireBet is an exciting optional side bet in which a player can win a payout of up to 300 for 1 odds.

The object is for the shooter to roll as many "individual points" or "different points" as possible. "Individual points" refers to the points of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. The more "individual points" rolled, the higher the payout! And best of all, the shooter can make the "individual points" in any order.

The FireBet must be wagered before the first come out roll of a new shooter. To place a wager on the FireBet, the player will place a bet ($1 minimum to $5 maximum) on the numbered circle in front of them on the craps layout. The dealer will move the bet to the corresponding number in front of the box person.

After the FireBet has been wagered, the real fun begins! For each "individual point" made, the dealer will place a lamer denoting that the "individual point" has been "made." The only time a FireBet loses is when a "seven out" rolls.

Three "Individual points" pays 7 for 1 Four "Individual points" pays 30 for 1 Five "Individual points" pays 150 for 1 Six "Individual points" pays 300 for 1

So far, the FireBet has paid out over $2.6 MILLION at Cannery and Eastside Cannery. I hope this helps you enjoy the FireBet. We look forward to seeing you at the craps table soon!