Vegas is known worldwide for its endless entertainment, attractions, and excitement. But now, you can catch even more fun by playing Pokémon GO in spots throughout the Las Vegas Valley. So naturally, we decided to put together a guide to help you find Pokéstop and Gym locations. We've also built out a list of some of the rare Pokémon that have been found throughout Las Vegas and where to find them. Use these tips on your trip and you are bound to come home with a few more top Pokémon in your Pokédex. Good luck!

Where to find Pokéstops and Pokémon Gyms in Las Vegas

North Las Vegas, Downtown, Fremont Street

Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street Poke Stops

Located in the north end of Las Vegas Blvd, the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas is a great location for all ages. For adults, the downtown area is the place to go to see the original grand old casinos that first made Vegas a destination. On Fremont Street, find the fabulous Fremont Street Experience. This is a covered street, seen in so many Las Vegas-based movies, enclosed by a tunnel-like overhead display of mind-blowing colors and effects.

Located on this eye-popping strip of pedestrian paradise you will find Binion's, The Four Queens, and the Golden Nugget Casinos that have been attracting gamblers for decades, and now trainers can also test their skills in the Pokémon Gyms in the same great locations. There are roughly two dozen Pokéstops in the four square blocks surrounding the Fremont Street Experience. There are also two gyms right in the area: the Shark Falls Pool Gym is located in the Golden Nugget, and the El Portal Theater Gym is right at the east end of the Fremont Street Experience on 4th Street and Fremont.

If your travel includes the kiddos, downtown Las Vegas has a great spot for you! The Downtown Container Park offers a huge variety of places to see and things to do including a play area called, The Treehouse. For the adventurous child, this interactive play area, including the 33' slide, is a fantasy come to life. For the grownups there is also plenty to do, that is if you like shopping, great restaurants and bars and live entertainment. Pokéstops and Gyms are abundant in this area, and you can bet there will be a lot of lures set to bring in the best Pokémon. The Downtown Container Park is located south of Fremont Street between 7th and 8th streets; it's only about three blocks from the Fremont Street Experience. There are six Pokéstops and one Gym in this square block.

All in all, the twelve square blocks that make up the Downtown area have dozens of Pokéstops and seven gyms to try your hand at a battle.

UNLV Campus

UNLV Poke Stops

The campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas between Flamingo Road and Tropicana Avenue, about three major blocks east of the Las Vegas Strip, offers a respite from the non-stop action on the strip with beautiful gardens, art museums and galleries and other academic and sporting pursuits. It also has dozens of Pokéstops and five gyms in a relatively small area, with a concentrated cluster around the picturesque Baepler Xeric Garden in the heart of the campus.

Then, just west of campus at the corner of Harmon Avenue and Paradise Road, you will find another cluster of Pokémon places. The Hard Rock Cafe and Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas—as well as the adjacent mall—offer ten Pokéstops to collect Pokéballs and two gyms to find a battle. At the entrance to the Hard Rock store you'll find a Pokéstop and a gym.

The South Strip

Las Vegas Strip Poke Stops

Probably the most recognized and traveled part of Las Vegas is the south Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard extending from the Mandalay Bay and Luxor hotels on the south end, to the central south Strip's Caesar's Palace and Flamingo, all the way to the Hilton Grand and Circus Circus and beyond. The strip itself hosts some of the most recognizable landmarks in the city— and great hotels, casinos, and attractions extend for blocks, both east and west of Las Vegas Blvd. The same can be said for Pokémon places. If you are a stickler for tradition, stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and try a battle in the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Gym!

Heading north, here are the Poképlaces to stop at on the strip:

  • - Mandalay Bay: 2 Pokéstops and 1 Gym
  • - Luxor, north side on Reno Ave: 2 Pokéstops
  • - MGM Grand: 2 Gyms; Showcase Mall/M&M Store; 3 Pokéstops
  • - Planet Hollywood/Gordon Ramsey Burgr; Gym
  • - Fountains of Bellagio: Gym
  • - Caesar's Palace, The Forum Shops: 3 Pokéstops
  • - The Mirage Circular Walkway— Fish, Lion, Ram, and Dolphin statues: 6 Pokéstops and 1 Gym
  • - Siegfried and Roy Statue: 1 Pokéstop
  • - Fashion Show Mall: 3 Pokéstops, 1 Gym
  • - Stratosphere: 2 Gyms
  • - Las Vegas Natural History Museum: 1 Pokéstop, 1 Gym
  • - Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort: 2 Pokéstops

Right here at the Cannery Casino!

Cannery Casino Poke Stops

The Cannery Casino at Craig Rd & Losee Rd is a great spot not only for a great time, but to catch Pokémon as well. There are three separate Pokéstops and two gyms surrounding the casino property, with several of those accessible from inside the casino itself. Stop by and cool down while you enjoy a great meal and try your luck at one of our many table games, or catch a movie at the Galaxy luxury cinema! Or if you're in town for a visit, save money without sacrificing quality at the Cannery Hotel. The Eastside Cannery Casino at Harmon Ave & the Boulder Highway also has a Pokéstop and a Gym, and Machop has been seen consistently nearby!

Long wait at the airport?

McCarran Airport Poke Stops

No worries— McCarran International Airport has about two dozen Pokéstops and 5 Gyms scattered throughout the terminals.

Hot locations off the strip

  • - Silverado Park, located at Silverado Rd & Gilespe St, has a whopping 11 Pokéstops and 2 Gyms, and a Bulbasaur is confirmed to spawn there consistently.
  • - At the Downtown Summerlin Mall located on the west side of Las Vegas on W Sahara Dr & S Pavillion Center Dr, find a huge selection of activities, food, entertainment, shopping and 12 Pokéstops with one gym.
  • - Find a full day of fun at the corner of N Valley View Blvd & the Gragson Fwy. On the east side of Valley View Blvd find the stupendous Springs Preserve, a MUST see while in Las Vegas. The kids, both old and young, will love it. The park consists of 180 acres of trails museums, exhibits, and demonstration activities. There are 20 Pokéstops and 3 gyms on site. And when the family is ready to dip into some nice cool AC, just across from the preserve, to the west, find the lovely Meadows Mall for some shopping and snacking at this traditional mall with 2 Pokéstops and a gym.
  • - Another shopping and entertainment mall offering 8 Pokéstops and 2 gyms, is the Town Square Mall located at W Sunset Rd & S Las Vegas Blvd. This center has some upscale shops like Apple, Whole Foods, Saks, and Guitar Center.
  • - Another great in-town municipal park is the Desert Breeze Park located at W Spring Mountain Rd & S Durango Dr. You will find plenty of skaters here enjoying the well-maintained skatepark, as well as 13 Pokéstops and a gym right in the skatepark area. Machop in known to consistently spawn here.
  • - The Craig Ranch Regional Park, located in the northeast area of Las Vegas at E Craig Rd & Camino del Norte, spreads out on 170 acres. This park offers sports facilities, a community garden, playground facilities, and a skate park. There are 26 Pokéstops and 3 gyms located here, and you will get in a lovely walk to collect all the available goodies.
  • - Stroll around Tivoli Village in Summerlin at the corner of S Rampart Blvd & Alta Dr and find one of the most diverse selections of fine and casual dining and shops in Las Vegas. There are 8 Pokéstops here to keep you walking so you can try more than one cuisine!

A tip for the locals and visitors looking for adventure off the beaten path!

Sunset Park, located on the northwest corner of Sunset Road and Eastern Avenue is not only a lovely place to visit--with its picnic areas, trails, dog park, fishing, disc golf course, Dunes Discovery Area, playgrounds, sports courts and fields-- it is loaded with Pokéstops and Gyms too! 27 Pokéstops and 4 Gyms are available, and you will hatch some eggs with the walking you will do on this 14-acre facility. Pokéstops and Gyms are almost always abundantly located in public parks where people gather, and the city of Las Vegas and Clark County maintain several excellent parks which have numerous Pokéstops and gyms.

Where to Find Rare Pokémon in Las Vegas (Consistent Spawn Locations & Rare Pokémon Nests)

Are you on the hunt of a particular Pokémon? If you live in and catch Pokémon mostly in the same area, you may be feeling like you hardly ever see a different or rare Pokémon spawn. Finding consistent spawn locations – or Pokémon "nests," as most players call them – can allow you to catch and evolve rare Pokémon much more often. Many areas will have lures set to encourage you to visit their attraction so; Pokémon might appear and be just the one you were looking for!

Here is a list of some of the reported consistent spawns in Las Vegas and the area they were reported to have been seen.


Pokemon GO Machop

Fighting Type Pokémon, evolves to Machoke, and Machamp when traded
Where to find Machop in Las Vegas: Gilcrease Family Park, Paradise Park, Desert Breeze Park, Spring Mountain Rd & Durango Dr; Maslow County Park, Nellis Blvd & Harmon Ave, Las Vegas Natural History Museum (Las Vegas Blvd & Washington)


Pokemon GO Magikarp

Water Type Pokémon, evolves to Gyarados
Where to find Magikarp in Las Vegas: Gary Reese Freedom Park, Washington Ave & Mojave Rd; Lake Sahara, Lake East Dr; Tropicana Wash & Cambridge St, Wetlands Park, Wash behind Toys R' Us at Flamingo & Maryland

TAUROS: #128

Pokemon GO Tauros

Normal Type Pokémon, does not evolve
Where to find Tauros in Las Vegas:Symphony Park (Smith Center,) Henderson Multigenerational Center, Acacia Park


Pokemon GO Clefairy

Fairy Type Pokémon, evolved from Cleffa, evolves to Clefable when exposed to Moonstone
Where to find Clefairy in Las Vegas:Willow Park, Toole Springs Ranch & Lake Sahara/Lake North Drive, Floyd Lamb Park

MAGMAR: #126

Pokemon GO Magmar

Fire Type Pokémon, evolves from Magby, evolves into Magmortar when traded holding a Magmarizer
Where to find Magmar in Las Vegas: Rainbow Springs Shopping Center, Discovery Park, Winter Wood Park, Pecos Legacy Park, Desert Bloom Park, Acacia Park, Symphony Park (Smith Center,) Henderson Multigenerational Center


Pokemon GO Meowth

Normal Type Pokémon, evolves into Persian
Where to find Meowth in Las Vegas: Reportedly abundant in Downtown, Fremont St area; Lake Sahara, Lake East Dr, UNLV campus


Pokemon GO Squirtle

Water Type Pokemon, evolves into Wartortle and later, Blastoise
Where to find Squirtle in Las Vegas: Sam's Club area at Centennial Center Blvd & Tropical Pkwy, Mission Hills Park, south of Henderson on I-95


Pokemon GO Bulbasaur

Grass/Poison Type Pokémon, evolves into Ivysaur and later, Venusaur
Where to find Bulbasaur in Las Vegas: Silverado Park, Fox Ridge Park.


Pokemon GO Dratini

Dragon Type Pokémon, evolves into Dragonair and later, Dragonite
Where to find Dratini in Las Vegas: Teton Trails Park


Pokemon GO Charmander

Fire Type Pokémon, evolves into Charmeleon and later, Charizard
Where to find Charmander in Las Vegas: Equestrian Park in Henderson, Las Vegas Natural History Museum (Las Vegas Blvd & Washington)


Pokemon GO Geodude

Rock/Ground Type Pokémon, evolves to Graveler, and Golem when traded
Where to find Geodude in Las Vegas: Sunset Park (mentioned in article,) Las Vegas Natural History Museum (Las Vegas Blvd & Washington)

GhASTLY: #92

Pokemon GO Gastly

Gas/Poison Type Pokémon, evolves to Haunter, and Gengar when traded
Where to find Gastly in Las Vegas: Pocket Park near Sahara Ave & Rainbow Blvd, Davis Family Park, Las Vegas Wash


Pokemon GO Jigglypuff

Fairy/Normal Type Pokémon, evolves from Igglybuff, evolves into Wigglytuff when exposed to Moonstone
Where to find Jigglypuff in Las Vegas: UNLV Campus, Willow Park, Flamingo West Park


Pokemon GO Kadabra

Psychic Type Pokémon, evolves from Abra and into Alakazam when traded
Where to find Kadabra in Las Vegas: Sunset Park


Pokemon GO Lickitung

Normal (licking) Type Pokémon, evolves into Lickillily
Where to find Likitung in Las Vegas: Bill Briare Park, Summerlin Parkway & Tanaya Way, Woofter Family Park

PINSIR: #127

Pokemon GO Pinsir

Bug Type Pokémon, not known to evolve except with Pinsirite, into Mega Pinsir
Where to find Pinsir in Las Vegas: UNLV, North Field, Pecos Legacy Park, Gary Reese Freedom Park


Pokemon GO Poliwag

Water Type Pokémon, evolves into Poliwhirl then Poliwrath
Where to find Poliwag in Las Vegas: Summerlin Park Soccer Complex, Summerlin Parkway & Cimarron Rd


Pokemon GO Psyduck

Water Type Pokémon, evolves into Golduck
Where to find Psyduck in Las Vegas: Summerlin Park, Clark County Wetlands Park, east of Boulder Hwy on E Tropicana Ave


Pokemon GO Rhyhorn

Ground/Rock Type Pokémon, evolves into Rydon and then into Rhyperior when traded using a Protector
Where to find Rhyhorn in Las Vegas: Sunset Park, Nevada Trails Park


Pokemon GO Scyther

Bug/Flying Type Pokémon, evolves into Scizor
Where to find Scyther in Las Vegas: UNLV, Harmon Ave & Swenson St

SEEL: #86

Pokemon GO Seel

Water Type Pokémon, evolves into Dewgong
Where to find Seel in Las Vegas: Paradise Park, Tropicana Ave & McLeod Dr, Paseo Vista Park


Pokemon GO Slowpoke

Water/Psychic Type Pokémon, evolves into Slowbro, then Slowking
Where to find Slowpoke in Las Vegas: Centennial Hills Park, Elkhorn Rd & Buffalo Dr, Shadow Rock Park


Pokemon GO Tangela

Grass Type Pokémon, evolves into Tangrowth
Where to find Tangela in Las Vegas: Spotted near the golf course of the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa


Pokemon GO Ponyta

Fire Type Pokémon, evolves to Rapidash
Where to find Ponyta in Las Vegas: Paseo Vista Park, Paradise Park


Pokemon GO Weedle

Bug/Poison Type Pokémon, evolves to Kakuna, then Beedrill
Where to find Weedle in Las Vegas: Sunset Park, Prosperity Park


Pokemon GO Pikachu

Electric Type Pokémon, evolves to Raichu
Where to find Pikachu in Las Vegas: Legacy Golf Course (private property)


Pokemon GO Nidoran (Male)

Poison Type Pokémon, evolves to Nidorino, then Nidoking
Where to find Nidoran (Male) in Las Vegas: Floyd Lamb Park


Pokemon GO Vulpix

Fire Type Pokémon, evolves to Ninetales
Where to find Vulpix in Las Vegas: Garden Parks, Spotted Leaf Park, UNLV


Pokemon GO Oddish

Poison Type Pokémon, evolves to Gloom
Where to find Oddish in Las Vegas:Tivoli Village


Pokemon GO Mankey

Fighting Type Pokémon, evolves to Primeape
Where to find Mankey in Las Vegas:Summerlin Park


Pokemon GO Bellsprout

Grass/Poison Type Pokémon, evolves to Weepinbell
Where to find Bellsprout in Las Vegas:Goynes Park


Pokemon GO Shellder

Water Type Pokémon, evolves to Cloyster
Where to find Shellder in Las Vegas:Rainbow Family Park


Pokemon GO Magnemite

Electric/Steel Type Pokémon, evolves to Magneton
Where to find Magnemite in Las Vegas:Davis Family Park


Pokemon GO Magnemite

Electric/Steel Type Pokémon, evolves to Magneton
Where to find Magnemite in Las Vegas:Davis Family Park

ONIX: #95

Pokemon GO Onix

Ground/Rock Type Pokémon
Where to find Onix in Las Vegas:Springs Preserve


Pokemon GO Drowzee

Psychic Type Pokémon, evolves to Hypno
Where to find Drowzee in Las Vegas:Cactus Wren Park


Pokemon GO Krabby

Water Type Pokémon, evolves to Kingler
Where to find Krabby in Las Vegas:Bruce Trent Park


Pokemon GO Exeggcute

Grass/Psychic Type Pokémon, evolves to Exeggutor
Where to find Exeggcutor in Las Vegas:Gilcrease Brothers Park, Woofter Family Park

Jynx: #124

Pokemon GO Jynx

Psychic/Ice Type Pokémon
Where to find Jynx in Las Vegas:MGM Pool Area

Electabuzz: #125

Pokemon GO Electabuzz

Electric Type Pokémon
Where to find Electabuzz in Las Vegas:Hidden Palms Park, Paul Meyer Park, Ravenwood Park, Laurelwood Park

This list is always changing as more and more trainers find more and more rare species spawning all over so, keep your eyes open, be sure to stay safe and don't trespass when playing Pokémon Go. It's all about catching, evolving and battling but more than that, isn't it great to get outside, see new places, and meet new friends (as long as they are on your team, right?)

Remember, you can catch 'em all right here at the Cannery Casino – and the Eastside Cannery! Come in for the Pokémon and stay for the food, fun and entertainment. See you soon!

*Source: Google Maps: Pokemon Go Las Vegas