Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the place to go for world-class entertainment, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise to learn that a lot of great musicians have come out of Las Vegas.  In fact, the area has a long and proud history of producing great bands and singers.  Out of everyone who comes from Las Vegas, however, there are a few stand outs.  These are our top five favorite Las Vegas-born music acts:

happy holidays from cannery in vegas

Santa isn’t the only one in a giving mood this holiday season. We’ll be stuffing more than stockings all week.

christmas light in vegas

There are very few things that we can complain about as residents of Las Vegas.  The city is a hotbed for limitless dining and entertainment options while still featuring beautiful year-round weather, scenic national parks and easy access to nearby cities and attractions for travelers. 

The one downside to having higher-than-average year-round temperatures is the typical absence of snow during the holidays.  While it is true that snow rarely falls in large enough quantities in the Valley to constitute a “White Christmas,” there are plenty of holiday traditions one can consider to get in the spirit.