BAT - The Music of Meat Loaf
March 23, 2019   8:00pm The Club Tickets from $24.95 Artist's Website Buy Tickets

BAT - The Music of Meat Loaf

The Neverland Express featuring Caleb Johnson
March 23, 2019   8:00pm The Club Tickets from $24.95 Artist's Website Buy Tickets

Experience an incredible evening of music performed brilliantly by Meat Loaf’s Neverland Band joined by American Idol Winner, Caleb Johnson.

Decades of touring and recording with Meat Loaf helped shape these musicians into a world-class backing band. Its members are made up of alumni spanning the history of the Meat Loaf legacy.

In addition to a number 1 album and touring with some of the biggest names in rock, Caleb Johnson is the winner of American Idol season 13. Throughout that season, Caleb Johnson drew comparisons to Meat Loaf. In fact, shortly after Caleb's American Idol win, Meat Loaf received quite a few congratulations for his supposed win.

“Some of you guys are funny," Meat Loaf wrote. "I’ve had a lot of congratulations messages and tweets for MY American Idol win!!!”

He then praised Caleb: "But jokes aside, let me take a second to really congratulate Caleb Johnson. It's great to see him tearing it up and putting some real rock 'n' roll back on prime time TV! Congratulations Caleb, GOOD LUCK and don’t you ever stop rockin'’!"

Caleb delivers his own unique and fresh stamp to such classics as “Bat Out of Hell”, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”, and “I Would Do Anything For Love” while staying true to the essence of Meat Loaf’s delivery.

This show is created and produced by Meat Loaf’s Music Director, Guitarist and Record Producer, Paul Crook.
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