Corazón De Maná & Anything For Salinas
June 18, 2022 • 8:00pm The Club Tickets from $15.00 Buy Tickets(Opens in a new window)

Corazón De Maná & Anything For Salinas

Tributes to Maná & Selena
June 18, 2022 • 8:00pm The Club Tickets from $15.00 Buy Tickets(Opens in a new window)
Corazón De Maná - Maná has unquestionably become the biggest musical group in Latin Music history! Millions of albums sold worldwide, sold-out concert tours and multiple record awards are just some of the accomplishments achieved by one of the most popular bands in the world.
Corazón de Maná is a Southern California tribute that features Mana’s organic mix of classic
rock, modern rock and traditional Latin music. The band has rocked hundreds of audiences at
premier venues from Northern California to Texas. Garnering rave reviews from even the most
critical Manáticos (fans). A fun-filled celebration of MANÁ’s timeless music happens at each and
every CDM show and the fans keep coming back to sing, laugh and dance the night away.

Anything for Salinas - Karol Posadas was born in Guatemala and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Singer and songwriter for 13 years. She has established herself as one of the most loved and talented Selena Quintanilla tribute artists. Karol and her band have performed in various states in the US in front of thousands and have loyal fans all over the world. She was able to branch out and establish herself as a Latina entrepreneur. Karol has been able to establish a name for herself in a very competitive industry through her determination and work ethic. A young artist who shares her wisdom and gives tips to artists that are just starting in the music industry.  

 Every performance Karol dedicated countless hours and days to perfecting her craft. "It's been an absolute pleasure singing and bringing experience fans never had the opportunity to have. I'm extremely grateful every day."
Anything For Salinas Band was assembled by Karol's family members, bringing an experience that you'll never forget. Our love and passion are displayed through our music. Dedicating every song to the late queen of Tex-Mex. "We are so fortunate to play with our sister, for us, it's a dream come true to be side by side with her and playing music that touches fans of all ages. After living through her music, we wanted to have an opportunity to bring this incredible show to all of her fans. Now, get ready to sing, dance and relive Selena! 

Tickets from $15.00 plus taxes and convenience fees