Howard Jones, Men Without Hats & All Hail the Silence
July 13, 2019   8:00pm The Club Tickets from $24.95 Buy Tickets

Howard Jones, Men Without Hats & All Hail the Silence

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July 13, 2019   8:00pm The Club Tickets from $24.95 Buy Tickets
Howard Jones first burst upon the contemporary music scene with his very English song-writing and pioneering synthesizers. Howard lived in the higher reaches of the album charts in the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Australia and many other countries and the hits kept coming… including the quintessential “No One is To Blame,” which reached No. 1 in the US. Jones continues to tour extensively and will be playing festivals and touring in summer 2019 with Robbie Bronnimann on live sequencing/sampling and effects using Ableton Live and various controllers, Robin Boult on guitar, Jonathan Atkinson on electronic drums and Emily Dolan Davies on electronic drums and percussion.

Men Without Hats told the world “You can dance if you want to” 30 years ago – and we did. A few years later they instructed that same planet – the third – to go Pop – and we did.
Men Without Hats have been creating iconic and irresistible pop music for three decades and have soared back with the release of their latest album, Love in the Age of War, to be released this May.
Led by charismatic front man, lead singer and songwriter Ivan Dorschuk, MWH has surged back starting with a breakout show at 2011’s SXSW and followed by extensive, well-received touring across North America over the last year.
Along with keyboard player Lou Dawson and guitarist James Love, Doroschuk and the Hats have been delivering high energy shows packed with all of the band’s absurdly catchy lyrics as well as great tracks from the new release, a disc that picks up where the hit-making band left off.
“Sure lots has changed in music over the last few decades, “ says Doroschuk, “ but the world still loves a hooky song with a bit of edge that can get you thinking.”
And that’s what the Hats deliver, tracks that will get you bopping across the dance floor with subtle messages that will haunt you long after the music has ended.
It’s no surprise that this band has topped charts across the planet and even picked up a 1983 Grammy nomination for Best group (Culture Club won it). The Hats song catalog always sounds fresh and relevant and Hats hits have been featured on The Simpsons, Family Guy and Glee and Pop Goes the World now lights up TV screens in a TIDE ad.
Men Without Hats have been providing a hit-filled and hooky soundtrack for our lives since the 80s and the band powers magnificently into the 21st Century with a steady stream of jaw-dropping live shows and a fantastic new album.
You still can “dance if you want to” and Men Without Hats makes it easy and fun.

All Hail the Silence  is an electronic music duo comprising American electronic musician BT and English singer-songwriter Christian Burns.

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